Creating Your First OnVerb AI Prompt

Your first step towards true AI potential.

To get started with OnVerb, you will want to create your first prompt to interact with the AI. In the sidebar, click on the ‘Prompt Manager’ button to load the prompt screen.

Once the screen has loaded, you will want to click on the New Prompt button.

You will now get a blank prompt template, and you should go through and fill in the following sections to get started.

Title (required): The name of your prompt, you see this when selecting the prompt before interacting with the AI.

Prompt Input (required): This is your instruction to the AI, and how you want it to behave and respond to the input that you will be providing within the chat.

Description (optional): This is only really applicable when you plan to share the prompt within the community, which we will go through in another article.

Example Input (optional): This will add to your prompt context that is supplied to the AI as you initiate the chat, and shows the AI how you will ask for your response.

Example Output (optional): This gives the AI a clear example, where applicable, of the response that you wish to receive from the AI.

Below I have completed a simple prompt to write content for the OnVerb blog. You will see that I have defined the context of the response that I would like to receive, including any specific information that I needed to highlight, the intent behind why I am asking for this specific response and specified the format of the response that I would like to receive.

Clicking save will then save the prompt and make it available when you start any future AI chats.