OnVerb and AI Ethics


As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance and integrate into various facets of both personal and professional realms, ethical considerations remain paramount. OnVerb recognises the profound impact that AI can have and is committed to ensuring this technology is used responsibly. This document outlines the ethical framework that guides OnVerb’s development and deployment of AI systems.

Transparent AI Utilisation

OnVerb insists on transparency concerning the capabilities and limitations of its AI, particularly the GPT models it utilises. We provide users with clear information, ensuring they understand how the AI operates and the nature of its outputs.

AI Limitations Acknowledgement

We openly communicate that while AI technologies are powerful tools, they are not infallible and may not always understand context or nuances. Users are encouraged to approach AI suggestions critically and judiciously.

Data Privacy and Security

In alignment with ethical AI usage, OnVerb prioritises user privacy and security. Personal data and interaction content are strictly protected, and we do not employ user data to further train AI models or develop our services.

Ensuring Data Encryption

OnVerb uses HTTPS/SSL encryption for data transmission, and all data at rest is encrypted using the AES-256 encryption algorithm on Amazon Web Services RDS. We further safeguard user passwords with salting and encryption.

Bias and Fairness

Active efforts are made to minimise bias in AI-generated responses. OnVerb is committed to employing inclusive language models and continuously reviews AI responses for potential biases, aiming to provide equitable outcomes regardless of user demographics.

Inclusivity in AI Interactions

We ensure that our AI does not promote exclusionary practices and embraces the diverse fabric of our user base. Language models are assessed, and prompts are crafted to be universally understandable and applicable.

AI for Good

OnVerb encourages the use of its AI tools for constructive and positive applications. We dissuade the use of our technology in ways that may cause harm or have negative societal impacts.

Promoting Positive Use Cases

Use case guidelines and moderated community forums are in place to promote beneficial and ethical applications of our AI, from educational aids to humanitarian projects.

User Control and Autonomy

Regarding the direction and content of AI interactions, OnVerb strongly emphasises user control. Users can create custom prompts, ensuring that AI interactions align with their individual values and objectives.

Encouraging Responsible AI Conversations

To empower users, OnVerb provides resources and documentation on crafting effective and responsible prompts, fostering a responsible discourse with AI.

Compliance and Collaboration

OnVerb adheres to existing regulations and ethical guidelines regarding AI. We work in collaboration with policy-makers, academics, and industry experts in shaping our ethical approach.

Engagement with Ethical AI Frameworks

OnVerb engages with global discussions on AI ethics, integrating accepted practices and adjusting operations to maintain ethical leadership in AI interactions.

OnVerb’s approach to AI ethics is about providing a platform that not only innovates and improves productivity but also does so with a conscientious regard for data privacy, inclusivity, and overall societal well-being. We continuously refine our practices in response to new insights and dialogue within the field of AI to uphold our commitment to ethical AI usage.

Future Outlook

As part of our ongoing commitment to ethical AI, OnVerb will remain vigilant, adaptive, and transparent in our practices as we embrace advancements in AI. We will steadfastly update our policies and educate our users to reflect the highest ethical standards in an evolving digital landscape.