About Us

About OnVerb: Your AI, Your Way

At the core of our service lies the use of system prompts – context information that is used to instruct AI Chatbots on how to respond.

OnVerb makes it easy to make and manage system prompts that you can select as you initiate a chat with AI Chatbots.

By allowing users to edit these system prompts you can create a database of prompts for your individual, task specific uses.

Your data and context included in the system prompt is kept private, and not used to train the AI you interact with, so your data remains yours.

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The Problem

In the realm of AI communication, powerful chatbots such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Mistral Medium have revolutionized the way we produce content.

These chatbots are incredible tools, yet they fall short when it comes to keeping your personal data private and away from the training data for the AI, and offering an easy way to create highly personalized responses.

The challenge of getting a response from an AI Chatbot that is specific to your task at hand, especially repetitive tasks can be hard work, and requires your own way to manage your prompts and context across multiple apps.

The Solution

OnVerb offers a way to access multiple AI Chatbots from within its webapp, using a single subscription, or pay as you go chat token packs.

Switching between your system prompts is part of the process of starting a new chat. And we ensure that you know what each AI does with your data.

With the right context, creating very nuanced and specific output becomes easy, and you can use specific models for their strength without multiple subscriptions to multiple apps.

Experience the Power of System Prompts

The heart of OnVerb lies in our use of ‘System Prompts’ -specially curated directives that instruct the Artificial Intelligence on how to respond. These prompts enable you to craft the AI’s response with incredible specificity. With carefully constructed context, examples, and necessary details, the AI becomes more precise and tailored to your needs.

Imagine having a recipe generator that knows your unique dietary requirements, flavour preferences, and disliked ingredients, that you can then request recipes from. With OnVerb, you can create prompts for whatever you may need, and easily access them as you interact with the AI.

Simplicity Meets Expertise

Our intuitive chat interface walk you through the process of selecting a prompt, and an AI for the chat. Select your pre-saved, preferred prompt from a simple drop-down menu, and start conversing. It’s like having 100 specialist AI assistants on demand, ready to provide high-quality responses crafted by your predefined context.

OnVerb aims to stand out by removing the complexity of interacting with AI, allowing you to accomplish tasks, such as writing a 10,000-word report, in a fraction of the usual time. Thanks to the consistency in responses, OnVerb is more than just a tool – it’s a dependable AI companion.

Staying Ahead with Advanced AI Models

Powered by GPT 3.5 Turbo, GPT 4 Turbo, Anthropic’s Claude, Mistral Medium and Google’s PaLM 2, OnVerb provides you with the latest stable releases of conversational AI. Furthermore, our compatibility with ChatGPT Dall-E image generation models expands your creative horizon, allowing you to generate images from text prompts.

Uncompromised Security and Privacy

The privacy and security of your data, is at the core of OnVerb’s mission. We make the applicable privacy policies, and what that means for your data and queries, simple and easy to understand as part of the process in creating a new chat. Data transparency and confidentiality are one of the core reasons the app was built.

We honour confidentiality with:

HTTPS/SSL encrypted data transfer

Encrypted databases at rest with AWS RDS

Separately held, salted, and encrypted user passwords

Stringent privacy roles and AES-256 encryption algorithm

Key Benefits

  • Customised AI for any content need
  • Intuitive prompt interface minimises complexity
  • Boost efficiency and creativity in content workflows
  • Maintain full data privacy and user control