Harnessing AI Chatbots

At OnVerb, we believe AI-powered chatbots represent the future of content creation. Our platform allows you to easily access advanced conversational models like GPT-3.5 Turbo and Claude through a simple chat interface. But what truly sets us apart is the ability to customise these chatbots to your exact needs with system-level prompts.

System prompts are directives that provide context and guide the chatbot’s responses. Want an AI writing assistant tailored to your tone of voice? A recipe bot that generates personalised recipes? Or an AI that writes optimised content around target keywords? System prompts make it possible.

Craft Your Ideal AI Chatbot Assistant

With OnVerb’s prompt editor, you can quickly build prompts that shape your chatbot into a specialised AI companion. Provide examples of your input and desired output, specify guidelines, integrate research sources – whatever context is needed.

The result is a fine-tuned chatbot that delivers remarkably consistent, high-quality responses customised to your goals.

Our intuitive chat screen allows you to easily select from your personalised prompts and start chatting. It’s like having an on-demand expert, ready to generate content, ideas, and more based on your pre-defined needs.

And with support for advanced models like GPT-4 Turbo, PaLM-2, and Claude, you get the full benefit of cutting-edge AI in a customisable package.

Secure, Private, Adaptable

Your privacy is our priority. OnVerb adheres to strict data protection standards, with encryption, access controls and more to keep your information safe. We also respect policies on content usage, never exploiting user data to improve our own AI models.

As new AI chatbots emerge, OnVerb will remain AI-agnostic, giving you the flexibility to easily integrate and customise whichever model best suits your needs. With a laser focus on system prompts and customisation, our platform is designed to evolve alongside AI capabilities.

OnVerb provides the best of both worlds – the convenience of chatbot assistants enhanced by deep customisation and security. Our system prompts unlock the true potential of AI content creation, putting the power directly in your hands.

The Power of Prompts: Customising AI for Content Creation

OnVerb enables anyone to harness advanced AI chatbots for their content needs through an easy-to-use prompt interface. Our system prompts unlock these models’ potential by allowing deep customisation, so they become specialised assistants tailored to your goals.

Craft Your Writing Companion

Our prompt builder gives you full control to shape an AI writer to your specifications. Provide tone guidelines, content style examples, preferred sources to cite – any context that helps the chatbot understand your expectations and preferences. The result is a personalised writing assistant that generates content catered to you.

Want blog posts in a casual voice that cites reputable medical sources? A chatbot for keyword-optimised product descriptions? An AI that writes code documentation based on your specifications? With OnVerb, you can tune language models like GPT-3.5 and Claude to handle these specialised tasks and more.

Intuitive Chat, Powerful Possibilities

Our user-friendly chat screen allows you to easily select a prompt and start receiving tailored responses instantly. The AI will follow the guidelines you configured to deliver content that consistently matches your needs.

And with the latest models like GPT-4, PaLM 2, and Claude 2.1, you tap into exceptional quality, creativity and reasoning ability – all customisable via prompts. The possibilities span from blog writing to technical documentation, email copy, fiction stories, marketing collateral, research summaries, and well beyond, specialised to your context.

Secure and Ever-Evolving

Privacy is our first priority. OnVerb safeguards your data and upholds strict usage policies so you can engage AI confidently through our platform. As new models arrive, we remain prompt-centric and AI-agnostic, ready to integrate innovations while keeping customisation at the core.

In an era of exponential progress in AI, OnVerb puts you in control – sculpting chatbots that handle content tasks both simple and complex, tailored to your exact needs. Our system prompts deliver the specificity, consistency and customisation required to make AI truly assistive for any content application.