Unlocking Creativity with OnVerb: Introduction and First Steps

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In this post, we’ll introduce you to OnVerb, an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionise your content creation and daily workflows. OnVerb’s unique features, such as comprehensive prompt management, access to multiple top-tier AI models, and robust data privacy measures, set it apart as an essential tool for anyone looking to boost productivity and creativity. By integrating OnVerb into your routine, you can streamline tasks and unleash new levels of efficiency.


OnVerb is not just another AI tool; it’s your ultimate partner in transforming how you interact with technology. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, educator, or business professional, OnVerb offers a seamless and highly productive experience. Our platform’s core technology—prompt management—enables you to create structured and targeted prompts, ensuring that the AI generates content that meets your exact needs. Let’s explore the first two creative ways to use OnVerb and see how it can make your day more productive and efficient.


How to Manage Your Schedule Using OnVerb


Imagine starting your day with a perfectly organised agenda, tailored to your unique lifestyle and preferences. By harnessing the power of OnVerb, you can create a highly efficient daily schedule that accounts for all your commitments, from school runs to exercise regimes, and everything in between.


To begin, craft a comprehensive system prompt that outlines your ideal way of working, your daily calendar structure, and all your ‘must-do’ tasks. This prompt will serve as the foundation for your AI-assisted scheduling. Here’s how to go about it:


Create Your Custom Prompt: 


Develop a detailed prompt that includes:


  • Your preferred working hours
  • Regular commitments (e.g., school runs at 8:30 and 15:30)
  • Exercise routine (e.g., morning jog at 7:00, evening yoga at 18:00)
  • Meal times and preferences
  • Any recurring meetings or appointments
  • Personal time or hobbies you wish to incorporate


Input Daily Tasks: 


Each morning, list out your specific tasks for the day. These might include:


  • Work projects and deadlines
  • Household chores
  • Errands to run
  • Social engagements


Generate Your Optimised Schedule: 


Use OnVerb to process your custom prompt along with your daily task list. The AI will then generate a highly efficient agenda that balances your fixed commitments with your daily to-dos.


For instance, your prompt might look something like this:


“I work best in 90-minute focused sessions with 15-minute breaks. My day starts at 6:30 and ends at 22:00. I have school runs at 8:30 and 15:30, a morning jog at 7:00, and evening yoga at 18:00. I prefer to have lunch at 13:00 and dinner at 19:30. I need at least 30 minutes of reading time before bed. Please organise my daily tasks around these fixed points, ensuring I have time for deep work, breaks, and personal activities.”


By utilising OnVerb’s advanced AI models like GPT-4 Turbo or Claude 3 Sonnet, you can receive a detailed, optimised schedule that takes into account your energy levels, task priorities, and personal preferences.


Remember, OnVerb’s prompt management system allows you to save and refine your scheduling prompt over time. As your routine evolves, you can easily update your prompt to ensure your AI-generated schedule always aligns with your current lifestyle.


With this approach, you’ll start each day with a clear, efficient agenda that maximises your productivity while ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Say goodbye to scheduling stress and hello to perfectly organised days, courtesy of OnVerb.


Expanding on Email Management and Drafting with OnVerb


In today’s fast-paced digital world, email management can often feel like a Herculean task, consuming precious hours of your day. However, by leveraging OnVerb’s sophisticated AI capabilities, you can transform your inbox from a source of stress into a well-oiled machine of productivity. Let’s delve deeper into how OnVerb can revolutionise your email management and drafting process.


Intelligent Email Triage: 


OnVerb’s AI can be programmed to scan your inbox and categorise emails based on urgency, sender importance, and content relevance. Create a system prompt like this:


“Review my unread emails. Categorise them as ‘Urgent’, ‘Important’, ‘Can Wait’, or ‘Low Priority’. For urgent emails, provide a brief summary. Flag any emails from [list key contacts or domains] as important.”


This approach ensures you’re always addressing the most critical communications first, significantly reducing the risk of missing crucial messages amidst the daily deluge.


Comprehensive Email Summarisation: 


For those lengthy, information-packed emails, OnVerb can provide concise summaries, allowing you to grasp the key points quickly. Try a prompt like:


“Summarise the following email in three bullet points, highlighting the main message, any action items, and deadlines.”


This feature is particularly useful for busy professionals who need to stay informed without getting bogged down in details.


Tailored Response Drafting: 


OnVerb excels at crafting responses that mirror your personal or professional tone. To achieve this, create a detailed system prompt that outlines your communication style, common phrases you use, and any specific guidelines. For example:


“Draft a response to the following email. Use a professional yet friendly tone. I often use phrases like ‘Brilliant, thanks for that’ and ‘Let’s touch base next week’. Always close with ‘Best regards’ followed by my name. If the email requires scheduling a meeting, suggest three potential time slots.”


This ensures consistency in your communication, saving you time while maintaining your personal touch.


Automated Follow-ups: 


Use OnVerb to generate follow-up emails for messages that haven’t received a response. A prompt could look like this:


“Draft a polite follow-up email for the message I sent to [recipient] on [date] about [topic]. It’s been a week without response.”


This feature helps you stay on top of important communications without the need to manually track and remember each follow-up.


Email Template Creation: For recurring email types, OnVerb can help you create and manage a library of templates. Use a prompt like:


“Create an email template for [specific situation, e.g., client onboarding]. Include placeholders for personalised information. The tone should be welcoming yet professional.”


These templates can then be quickly customised for each use, ensuring consistency while saving time.


Language Translation and Localisation:


For international communication, OnVerb can assist with translation and cultural nuances. Try a prompt like:


“Translate the following email into French. Ensure the tone remains professional and adjust any cultural references or idioms to be appropriate for a French audience.”


This feature is invaluable for businesses operating in global markets.


Email Analytics and Insights: 


Leverage OnVerb to analyse your email habits and provide insights for improvement. A prompt could be:


“Review my sent emails from the past week. Provide statistics on my response times, the length of my emails, and the times of day I’m most active. Suggest three ways I could improve my email efficiency.”


These insights can help you continually refine your email management strategy.

By implementing these advanced email management techniques with OnVerb, you can significantly reduce the time spent on email, improve your response quality, and maintain a more organised inbox. 


Remember, OnVerb’s robust privacy features ensure that your sensitive email content remains secure throughout this process.


As you become more familiar with these techniques, you can further customise your prompts to suit your specific needs, creating an email management system that’s truly tailored to your workflow. With OnVerb as your AI assistant, you’ll find yourself mastering the art of efficient, effective email communication.


By integrating OnVerb into your daily routine, you can unlock new levels of productivity and creativity. Whether it’s starting your day with a personalized morning briefing or managing your emails more efficiently, OnVerb’s AI-powered platform is designed to make your life easier. Stay tuned for more tips and insights on how to leverage OnVerb to its fullest potential. Happy creating!


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